Train Your Brain – Online golf media information

Train Your Brain – Online golf media information
Living in our time means access to many technological means to improve performance. These methods, which professionals enjoy, can be used and adapted to the amateur level. Knowing momentum helps improve performance, we are sure of that. However, the engine of our actions is controlled by the brain and it remains to learn everything from this information center.


The system, used by many of the best specialists on the planet, measures alpha, beta and gamma brain waves in relation to heart rate and breathing. Alpha brain waves occur when a person is in a relaxed or resting state, causing the heartbeat to slow.

On the other hand, beta and gamma waves appear when a problem is solved, causing an increase in breathing and heart rate.

In golf, we sometimes feel nervous, anxious or anxious about different playing situations, and that’s when our heart beats faster and our brain produces an excess of beta waves. In this state, it is difficult to concentrate, stay calm, think logically, and coordinate your movements well.

A few sessions with this measurement system will allow you to find the right combination of alpha, beta and gamma waves that are unique to each person, allowing you to find the perfect heart rate to stay calm and focused.

In the class

What I observe in my practice confirms these observations. Everyone in class with me is nervous and that’s completely normal. I simply try to reassure them and slow down the pace.

As they become calmer and more focused, I have a clearer idea of ​​what adjustments to make to their movement.

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To relieve the pressure you’ll find in golf, I invite you to let your imagination run wild by setting performance challenges of all kinds before you. Here’s a simple idea that comes to your mind:

When putting, line up 5 balls 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 feet from the hole. The challenge is to complete sequence 5 without failing. The pressure increases when you complete 4 and are in 5th place.

Come here! Invent challenges to train your brain.

Good golf

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