Spirit Pirates 2: Investigation of the Apocalypse

Soul Pirates 2

- studio: atleast
- gender: RPG
- Number of Players: 1
- texts in French / voice in english
- Exit date: 08/26/2022
- Platforms: PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series
- experimental copy: PS4 Pro

a description

“In the brilliance of neon, technological advances force humans to submit to material comforts. In the shadows, a war looms between Yatagarasu and the Ghost Society, summoning demons who master the supernatural powers of demons.

Leading existence in humanity’s secret sea of ​​data, a digital entity, Aion, has evolved into consciousness. Observing humanity from afar, Aion’s calculations predict an imminent planetary catastrophe and create two factors to counter this end of the world: Ringo and Fig.

Together, these two agents of Aion must investigate and prevent the Butterfly Effect that will bring about the end of the world.

Play as Ringo, an Aion agent responsible for saving humanity and set out to investigate.

Explore a supernatural RPG full of colorful summoners in a dangerous Japanese cyberpunk game.

Collect demons to unlock combinations of fusions, thus creating new and more powerful demon allies whose skills allow you to defeat your opponents.

Strengthen the team bond and immerse yourself in the depths of their souls, relive their last adventures to uncover the truth about their destiny and yours.


In J-RPG (turn-based combat), you will embody 5 lovable and colorful characters, in numerous futuristic underground worlds, in order to save the world from the apocalypse. In this sense, the Dungeon Crawler aspect of the first opus is still there, but again in the third person view.

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In addition to the classic increases in strength, and the acquisition of various things, let’s observe an original system of negotiating to restore lives.

In combat, he prefers to exploit the weaknesses of the enemy rather than exaggerate the display of strength.


After the first opus on Saturn and Playstation, this new chapter borrows the idea of ​​dungeon exploration, without really being a direct sequel. Everything here has been redesigned to please the western audience.

However, this largely failed.

Actually, if Character Offering a detailed story, here, we fly over what looks like a very talkative and flat scenario.

We won’t even be able to appreciate the animation and graphics, both of which are very old.

Some aspects of turn-based combat are original, but quickly become redundant and very soft.

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