Here are the 5 tech products you loved most at Christmas (and there are surprises)

Despite the crisis, the French still prefer technical products at Christmas. according to A study conducted by the German magazine GamingGadgetswhich was based on the volume of Google searches in the last quarter of 2023, the most popular tech products in France are not the ones we might think of.

In fact, although consoles are usually the big stars of Christmas, none of them have managed to take the top spot in searches. However, they are still well represented due to two models appearing in the top five.

Airpods, Christmas stars

In an uncertain economic context, the French turned to safe values. Thus, Apple AirPods received the highest volume of searches in France during the last quarter of 2023. Apple also sees that its iPhone 14 is also very popular on holidays (4th in the rankings) while the iPhone 15 misses the top five.

The second and third places in the ranking are occupied by the Nintendo Switch which of course benefits from the influence of the end of the year holidays but also from the arrival of a new generation (thereby boosting searches), and the Steam Deck, the portable console from Valve. The latter also reaped the benefits of strong media exposure at the end of the year with the launch of a new OLED model.

Finally, e-readers continue to interest French consumers. The “Kindle” query ranks fifth in Google search rankings for Q4 2023.

An informative study but one that must be kept in perspective

The study conducted by GamingGadgets gives good indications about the purchasing behavior of the French during the end-of-year holidays. Firstly, popular products are offered at very varying prices, from less than 100 euros to more than 800 euros (for the iPhone 14). In a sign that the economic crisis has passed, the PS5, for example, is not at the top while Sony has unveiled a new Slim version of its flagship console.

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“This data provides a fascinating look at the tech items that people were most looking forward to as Christmas gifts. explains Nico Arnold, spokesperson for GamingGadgets. The study took into account searches from October to December, including searches for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday sales, revealing which gadgets are most important in France at this time of year. »

Despite everything, it is appropriate to put the figures from the German media into perspective, which only takes the average search volume on Google. There is no evidence that these searches turned into purchases.

  • German media reveal the most searched technical products on Google in France during the Christmas holiday
  • AirPods are the stars of Christmas
  • The study gives good indicators about the purchasing behavior of the French in 2023

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