Sixteen wonderful, feminist short stories

Sixteen wonderful, feminist short stories

This collection brings together sixteen selected short stories, some already published and others unpublished, covering science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary themes.

With a pen that’s both delicate and sharp, she moves us thanks to her powerful vision, narrative mastery, well-crafted dialogue, and unforgettable female characters. Her historical intelligence, political accuracy, and feminist vision shine through the pages.

From interdimensional travel to eco-utopias, from alluring entities to enchanted attics, from cities of the future to matriarchal societies and corporeal transformations, Winterbert presents a range of universes, all sublimated by her visionary feminist approach, both avant-garde and resolutely contemporary.

Au Diable Vauvert Editions brings us the first pages in preview:

Joelle Winterbert won the Rosne Aine Prize in 1988 for her first science fiction novel, Fake Olympics. She also won the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire in 1989 for her film Alchemical Creator Rosney was awarded the prize again in 2003 for pollen. A prolific writer, she has many novels and short stories for adults and teens alike.

Currently serving as President of the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire Jury, his exceptional contribution to literature earned him the Extraordinary Prize at the Utopiales Festival in 2021, celebrating his entire literary career. She was honored in 2022 with the Airedale Prize, in recognition of her significant impact on literature.

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