A little corner of paradise is beginning to tempt Moroccans

A little corner of paradise is beginning to tempt Moroccans
“The island of Madeira has always seen a large influx of tourists. Moreover, tourism is the pivotal sector of Madeiran’s economy. But we believe that it is important to attract Moroccans, because of the geographical proximity that can lead to a new tourism dynamic.For her part, Raquel Braga, who is in charge of public relations at the Promotion Office in Madeira, indicates that the island has a range of activities. “There is something for every taste”Well drawn smile on the face.

Among the great jewels of Madeira are the botanical gardens in the capital, Funchal, which house an impressive collection of exotic plants and colorful flowers, creating an oasis of calm in the heart of the city. A point that can be reached by car or bus, but also by cable car, which travels 560 meters in 15 minutes, from the old town of Funchal. A garden of more than 2,000 exotic plants from all continents, but developing as if in their natural environment. “Over the years, this garden has become a center of science and culture with the aim of preserving endangered plants,” Madeira tour guide Marina Nunez tells us, noting that growing flowers is one of the main activities in Madeira.

Besides the emblematic botanical gardens, visitors are offered an exceptional activity. Monty skates! A fun activity that offers a completely different perspective of the city and surrounding mountains, while providing a dose of adrenaline and entertainment. Users are introduced to the experience by climbing into a wicker basket called a “carro de cesto”. They are then pushed at full speed along a steep winding path, sliding through the narrow cobbled lanes of the city and taking in the panoramic views.

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Monti’s sleds are a popular attraction in Funchal. Formerly used to transport goods and people from the mountains to the city, they are now a popular tourist attraction. The drivers, dressed in traditional costumes, steer the sleds using their proven skills to safely provide an unforgettable experience.Our guide explains.

As is the case with the Moors, the inhabitants of the island are very hospitable mix

For adventure lovers, Madeira Peaks offers challenges that match their passion. Pico Ruivo, the island’s highest point, offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and sparkling ocean. In these same mountains, hikers indulge, not only by breathing the fresh air, but also by tasting the most delicious fruit trees that grow in abundance in the area, especially in the laurel forest, also known as laurisilva. This is a living relic of the past, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, dating back millions of years, and is dominated by trees such as laurel, creating a dark and damp environment, similar to that of a rainforest. “This forest is home to extraordinary biodiversity, with plant and animal species not found anywhere else. From rare songbirds to unique species of butterflies, every corner of the forest hides a surprise. Clear streams of water flow between the trees, forming natural waterfalls and ponds. It is Charm!”, Our guide whispered.

The Levada Trails in Madeira are also among the treasures of the island. The historical irrigation channels, which are more than 2,100 km long, meander between the mountains, and provide flat and easy paths for walkers. The distribution of the water that comes from springs located on the tops of the mountains makes it possible sometimes to feed the village, and sometimes the fertile soil to irrigate agriculture, especially the fields of sugar cane. “Here, we do not have a water problem, as is the case in almost all countries in the region,” he said. Green Devil Safari tour guide Nuno Pereira says, noting that the island’s residents are keen to respect nature and its resources.

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