Respawn is developing a unique FPS for single player in the world of Apex Legends

Respawn is developing a unique FPS for single player in the world of Apex Legends

This news may spark the curiosity of many and anger others… Studio Respawn has announced that it is recruiting developers for a single-player FPS set in the worldApex Legends. It will not be so not new fall of titanbut a new address. Strange that, considering thatApex Legends It was already a pop, I give it to you in thousands, fall of titan ! Unless, of course, it’s the third installment of the Mecha franchise… only time will tell!

One thing is for sure, Respawn is seriously playing on fan nerves. fall of titan. The series started on Xbox One in 2014, and only offers multiplayer. We had to wait for the sequel, which was released in 2016, to enjoy a solo campaign. What a campaign! Rhythmic, technically cool, but a bit short, it showed all the talents of American developers. It is no coincidence that Respawn is made up of creators Call of dutythe first I hear, which was campaign-focused. Request Jedi Fallen He was able to once again show the talent of developers to create captivating and censored stories.

This new game in the world From Apex Legends It is only at the beginning of its development. Let’s be patient, but a Titanfall 3 Could be on the horizon…

trailer Titanfall 2 (available at Game Pass Ultimate) :

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