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A new “Quick Resume” feature arrived last week for some members Xbox InsiderHowever, this is not the last improvement the Xbox teams intend to make.

More options will soon be available for Quick Resume on Xbox

If you haven’t seen News from last week]know that Xbox Insider Program beta ratings can now install games in Quick Resume. Cle means that they can force Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles to keep two games in this state, with no time limit and regardless of what other games will be released next.

This welcome feature allows you to predict which games you can restart within a few seconds afterwards, for example during an evening with friends.

On Twitter, a user with the handle “phyerboss” welcomed the initiative and offered other ideas for improving Xbox:

  • You have the ability to enable/disable automatic HDR in games
  • You have the ability to enable/disable FPS Boost in games
  • You have the option to disable queuing some games for quick resume

The good news is that the words have been heard. While details are still unknown, Xbox responded through Jason Ronald that teams are working on other improvements in Quick Resume to “give players more options.”

What new features would you like to get on Xbox? Please tell us in the comments or at discord.

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