See everything with Sync Lights

See everything with Sync Lights

It’s time for home automation and connected devices, and GE is no exception. This is why it currently offers the Cync suite, which is a series of modern tools that can be unified within the same application.

Cameras, light bulbs, dimmers… General Electric clearly wants to take center stage in everyday life, giving users and consumers more control over how their homes operate, whether it’s setting up a morning routine, increasing security, or even Add a little spice to lighting.

And it is precisely this last aspect that this journalist was able to assess with a continuous strip of light.

The idea is frankly simple: just stick the tape to a flat surface, with double-sided sticky tape already affixed to it, and then plug the whole thing into an electrical outlet. Then comes the configuration using a smartphone. And this is where things get a little messy.

why? Because the instruction manual clearly states that it is possible to control this light using the Google Home app, which this journalist has already used for other purposes. However, you must first go to GE’s Cync app to create an account, and then proceed with the initial configuration.

Even stranger, once that first configuration is complete, the options aren’t the same, whether you’re in Google Home or in Cync. Thus, if the former allows the use of basic functions, such as the intensity of light and the color projected by light-emitting diodes. But to activate a more complex lighting mode, such as “Sequences” where colors follow each other according to a certain rhythm, it will be necessary to go through Cync. What’s the point of using Google Home then? After all, both applications allow to give control to more than one user…

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Among the interesting features of this light bar, we promise that everything can be synchronized to our music. Are we talking about Spotify? From another online service? Sonos compatibility – because both systems are connected to wifi? It’s impossible to know, since this option never seems to be available in the app, and GE’s FAQ on the subject is particularly vague.

Anyway, that reporter is probably out there; Perhaps he lacks specific information about the operation of this device, the capabilities of which are frankly interesting. But it’s also probably that we’ve been trying, for nearly a decade or more, to sell these connected devices and wifi-related gadgets, without function really matching form.

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