The Fourth Kenora Science Festival is in full swing

The Fourth Kenora Science Festival is in full swing

Science North has been organizing its fourth Kenora Science Festival since Monday in this northwestern Ontario city. Many activities are planned throughout the city for this annual meeting.

Among them are workshops for students on indigenous traditional medicine and environmental protection.

The highlight of this festival, the Science Carnival, is scheduled to take place on Saturday.

It will be held in Jarnell Contracting Pavilion. At least 15 exhibitors will present their scientific work and innovations.

The festival is the result of a partnership between Science North and its partners, including the Kenora Library, Kenora Tourism Inc., area farmers markets, the Pimos Tribal Council and the Experimental Lakes District.

The importance of scientific culture

It is important to shed more light on the science behind everyday life; Especially in Kenora as there are a lot of important things happening theresays Kaija Saarinen, who works at Science North and owner of Green and Gone Pest Solutions.

Students from Bemus Schools as well as Kenora Catholic School Board students will learn about the richness of traditional indigenous medicine.

The idea came from the Bemoz Tribal Council, one of our Science Festival partnerssays Sarah Chisnell, Acting Director of Education and Northern Programs at Science North.

Science North and the Pimos Tribal Council are together organizing a workshop for young people and teaching them about indigenous traditional medicine.

Among other things, they will learn about sweet grass, sage, cedar and tobacco.“Indigenous knowledge contains scientific riches that students should know,” explains Sarah Chesnell, who emphasizes that indigenous knowledge contains scientific riches that students should know.

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These young people from Kenora will also have information about environmental protection.

We want young people to engage with their environment so they can protect it when they become adults.

With information from Chris St. Pierre

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