PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS lands on the Epic Games Store

KRAFTON, the creator of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, has announced that Battle Royale will be coming to the Epic Games Store online platform this week. The game will be available to all players from December 8th at 1:00 am (Paris time) and can be pre-downloaded before the official launch after server maintenance.

From early access to going free-to-play, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS has always encouraged gamers from all walks of life to join the race for the ultimate winning chicken dinner on PC and consoles. Today, KRAFTON is allowing more players to join online to compete alone or in teams with the arrival of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS on the Epic Games Store. Those who join Battle Royale through this new access will have an experience similar to that offered via Steam. Crossplay is clearly present between the two systems so that everyone can play together.

The good news for today doesn’t come alone, as the PUBG Founder’s Pack is available for free on the Epic Games Store to celebrate the arrival of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. This pack contains several in-game cosmetics and can be found as a free bonus content on the Epic Games Store page from December 6th 6am until January 5th PT (Paris time).
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