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On Tuesday evening, the Documentation Center for Human Migration (CDMH) is organizing a film discussion on the arrival of the first Portuguese citizen in Luxembourg.

It is an evening that will be a real plunge into the past, about the experience of forced and clandestine migration.

authorized Portuguese “Salto” towards freedomAnd the The next movie is a debate From this Human Migration Documentation Center Tuesday October 4th from 7pm at CinéStarlight in Dudelange.

As part of the Moving Lusitalia project (linked to Esch 2022), the evening will start Presentation of the documentary Jose Vieira, we cameproduced in 2021. The latter will also be present in Dudelange and will intervene during the evening.

Alongside him will be the historian Victor Pereira, who will take the opportunity to present Exiles: Testimonies of Portuguese Exiles and Fugitives. (2022) presented by. The work, published in French by Éditions Chandeigne, is based on a translation of thirteen Testimonies of Exiles published in Portugal by the Association AEP61/74 (Associação de Exilados Políticos Portuguese).

For his part, Luxembourg-based AEP61-74 member Antonio Paiva will be making the trip to talk privately about “Struggles against colonialism”published by ODTI (Dauphinois Office of Migrant Workers).

The event will be moderated by Heidi Martins, Sociologist responsible for projects at CDMH, who will present Portuguese first date He arrived in the Dudelange “a salto” region of “Italy”.

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