Curious have an appointment with Science at L’Arche des Métiers

From April 15 to October 2, L’Arche des Métiers invites the curious to attend the extraordinary exhibition “Are you sure? “.

It’s fun and interactive, and consists of about twenty simple, surprising and stimulating experiments to spark science with the family, with a sense of humor and relaxation.

Straight from the Place des Inventions in Lausanne, Are You Sure? is a clever mixture of humor and brainstorming.

Science Exhibit…

The audience, from the age of 7, is invited to present themselves in front of a unit, formulate a hypothesis about what will happen and test it to find out for sure!

To be right or wrong, it doesn’t matter… The main thing is not there, we definitely learn more by making mistakes.

The curious will be able to develop their sense of observation and their analytical mind in a colorful and amazing environment in which only experiences are always right.

A fun and immersive exhibition to better understand the world around us.

L’Arche des Métiers is open Monday through Friday from 2 pm to 6 pm. Information from L’Arche des Métiers at or via [email protected]

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