Launch of UPop Montreal’s fall session

Launch of UPop Montreal’s fall session

Before I transcribe for you an overview of the evening’s proceedings, and to continue planting clues about the form of my book, I would simply like to say that UPop is more intertwined with this work than you might think, if only through the content of the courses that will be taught there again this fall, Clearly the session has a direct connection with its second act, and almost all cycles with its final act, both in terms of what goes wrong and what goes wrong. should go!

We hope to meet you this evening, which will be…

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“Positioned under the banner of Resistance and Commitment, the Fall 2023 course promises to inform you, make you think and (hopefully!) inspire you to act. It will be launched on September 26 and hosted by Etienne Lepage, (almost…) honorary member of UPop, whom we will meet Happily back for an evening.

The event will be an opportunity to introduce you to our fall programming, along with some new features. You will be able to hear from Valérie Lefebvre-Foucher, the magazine’s editor-in-chief review freedom He is a well-known essayist and author in particular record And based on Walking on Marx. Valérie Lefebvre-Foucher will come and reflect with us, from her own perspective, on UPop’s slogan for 2023-2024, “It’s not that we’re finished, we’re stopping,” explained by the illustrator and animation filmmaker Alexander Fatain a corrosive and acerbic manner, a member of the defunct newspaper Useful idiot.

Children welcome. Invite friends and colleagues! We look forward to seeing you again, or meeting you! »

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