Canadian MPs are the second highest paid in the world

Canadian MPs are the second highest paid in the world

Canadian federal MPs are the second highest paid members of parliament in the world, the National Post revealed based on data from the website.

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As of 1any In April, members of Canada's Parliament will receive an annual base salary of $203,100, thanks to a 4.4% increase in their current annual pay of $194,600.

With the exception of the United States, no country pays its elected officials more. Members of the United States Congress receive $236,400 (Canadian).

Israel comes in third place with a salary of $200,700, slightly less than the salaries of members of the Canadian Parliament.

For their part, Trudeau's government ministers and opposition leader Pierre Poilievre will receive from 1any April salary is $299,900.

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Justin Trudeau compared to other world leaders

Canada's Prime Minister will see his salary increase to $406,200 effective Monday. In this chapter it is the sixthH The highest paid prime minister on the planet.

The Prime Minister of Singapore is the highest paid, followed by the Swiss President and the US President.

1- President of Singapore: $2,217,000

2- President of Switzerland: 718 thousand dollars

3- President of the United States: $544,000

4- Prime Minister of Australia: $522,000

5- Austrian Chancellor: $422,000

6- Prime Minister of Canada: $406,200

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Justin Trudeau regarding business leaders

However, Justin Trudeau's salary is only a small fraction of that of some Canadian business leaders.

Thus, Bell's president and CEO receives compensation of $13.4 million, 33 times the compensation of the Prime Minister of Canada.

For the senior boss of the Royal Bank of Canada, the $15.2 million salary is 37 times that of Mr. Trudeau.

Finally, the CEO of Suncor (Petro-Canada) makes $36.8 million annually, or 90 times Justin Trudeau's salary.

To see the full explanation, watch the video above.

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