What does the law say about selling my hen’s eggs?

One of the great advantages of having chickens in your garden is the ability to collect your own eggs. However, their production is not always regular and you have to adapt to their rhythm. When eggs arrive frequently, one solution is to share them with neighbors. But beware, the sale of food products is subject to many regulations.

Sell ​​my eggs What does the law say?

The practice of selling eggs to an individual is prohibited. In fact, this activity is subject to health checks and the eggs of the individuals must be consumed on site. On the other hand, you have Possibility of selling up to 80 km around the production site in markets, in kiosks, if you previously declared your activity. Like having chickens in your garden, advertising is mandatory. The process can be done by mail, but also online with the Directorate of Social Cohesion and Population Protection. At the end of the stage, you receive a file product code It makes you suitable to sell your eggs. For your information, this law applies to producers who have up to 250 chickens in their coop. In order for eggs to be sold in stores, they must be labeled, labeled, and packaged by approved packing centers.

What should I do when my hen produces too many eggs?

If you don’t want to embark on many of the administrative procedures listed above, forget about selling and just act Cheer up your loved ones by gifting them cartons of eggs. There is nothing more satisfying than receiving homemade products and, as a bonus, your colleagues, friends and neighbors will think of you when they eat hard boiled eggs the next morning. Another solution is Prepare egg dishes in advance. Cook tortillas, pancakes, waffles, or even a few desserts that you can keep in the freezer and eat at mealtimes throughout the week. Baking is a great way to use up fresh eggs collectively. Create meringues, pies, or gourmet-delighting cakes.

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