Portuguese Grand Prix 2023: Discover the program for the first sprint of the season!

Portuguese Grand Prix 2023: Discover the program for the first sprint of the season!

Discover the program for the first sprint of the season, the 2023 Portuguese Grand Prix, above.

Next Saturday, on the occasion of the 2023 Portuguese Grand Prix, will be the opening round of the season The first sprint in MotoGP history ! Unlike F1, This event will take place during each Grand Prix weekend and will have no effect on the starting grid configuration. However, a sprint race will be allowed To the first nine to score points: 12, 9, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1. With this new format, Dorna Sport, holder of the commercial and television rights to MotoGP since 1992, aims to Obviously to bring more entertainment to the tournament. Just, Sprint races

with or against ?

from his side, Jack Miller fully adheres to the intent and strategy of our role. “I’m really excited that we have the sprint races this year, to shake things up a bit and give the fans an extra show on Saturday. And for us racers, that’s exciting too. MotoGP has been unchanged for fifty years, and to have such a radical change and to be there to experience this The change, it’s great. There will be questions, but I’m sure after a race or two, there won’t be any more and everyone will love sprints. I’m sure there will be people who prefer sprints to the mains!” he said. And if the Aussie is clearly too excited, Some of his companions are far more fearsomeas Fabio Quartararo, who Fears that this new format would only intensify the frenetic pace the Flyers were already experiencing. “I’m not a fan. To do four, five, six a year, why not, but I think it’s a bit bad over the whole season. In terms of injuries, we’re not in a car, you can fall very easily, for example in a corner The first is during the start. There’s already a lot of races, we add 21 of them and that makes 42 starts. And the biggest risk is at the start, so it’s hard to see that as an improvement,” he said.

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Autodrome Internacional de Algarve

Program for the 2023 Portuguese MotoGP Grand Prix

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session date Schedule streamer
sessionSprint race dateSaturday, March 25, 2023 ScheduleDeparture at 4 pm. streamerChannel + Sports 360

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