Pennautier – a participatory science project led by the French National Center for Space Studies

Isabelle Tissot, owner of the creperie village, has been selected to participate in the project “ behind the search point She explains: Several years ago, I was curious about Audrey Dussautour’s studies on this unusual organism which is the point. . The point is neither an animal nor a plant. It’s not a fungus either. The “dot” is actually a giant cell. Known as Physarum polycephalum, it is an amoezoan, a group of somewhat primitive unicellular organisms. It crawls, devours everything in its path, has 750 sexual species and can reach a size of 10 square meters in the laboratory. Although he has no brain, he is able to learn and even teach … Isabel Tissot is conducting a small experiment in her brewed restaurant Vent d’Ouest. Do you prefer bubbling pancakes or buckwheat pancakes, their oatmeal has a certain brand ? If you are curious, come and find out in Vent d’Ouest From 7 June And throughout the month.

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