Is your phone spying on you?

Is your phone spying on you?

If you're not careful, your phone can quickly turn into a spy den, with malware monitoring your activities or stealing data. To prevent this from happening, you should take some precautions.

The first thing you should do is to update your mobile operating system and applications regularly. This helps plug already known security vulnerabilities. Never download attachments or documents from emails or questionable websites. Also do not install applications other than those offered in the official Apple and Google stores.

It is also recommended to use an antivirus on your phone, which can detect the presence of spyware if necessary, as well as a VPN, which can protect you from malicious websites. Finally, make sure to lock your device's screen, never give it away or lend it to anyone.

Obviously, no one is safe, but these precautions will definitely save you from big problems.

Warning signs

Please note that there are several warning signs that indicate the presence of spyware on your device.

From a hardware point of view, this can lead to overheating, unusually high battery consumption, random exit from sleep mode or reboot, strange noises during phone calls, etc.

For the rest, worry if your contacts receive suspicious messages from you, if your data consumption is abnormal, if you receive unusual connection requests to your email accounts or social networks, or even if autocorrect is working strangely.

If these alerts accumulate, it's time to worry and reset your device, which will have the effect of completely deleting all the data on the device and rebooting it in factory mode, for example, as on day one. To do this, simply go to Settings/System and then Reset under Android or General/Reset iPhone under iOS.

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