A Little Bit of Play for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Coming to Nintendo Switch

In order to end the week well and better understand the news, we invite you to discover this short gameplay video Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak ! In the menu, unexpected clashes, an overview of the characters and some skins as well as a close-up of the different combinations of the game … it happens here:

The expansion is scheduled for June 30th and you can also read back Master Hunter’s preview, Kuro, is here!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is an extension of the original Monster Hunter Rise game.

It includes new combat mechanics for a more dynamic gameplay, all-new monsters and hunting grounds, and a new level of difficulty in the form of Master Rank missions.

After saving Kamura from disaster, you must now travel to the ends of Elgado, an outpost near a kingdom besieged by a new enemy: the terrifying Elder Dragon Malzeno!

Hunting begins in a faraway land…

After repelling the attack of the monsters known as Catastrophe, Kamura Village has finally found peace.

But this hard-won peace is disrupted by the unexpected appearance of Lunagaron, a wolf-like monster, in the forgotten temple.

againstHere, too, the hunter meets Phiorain, the knight of the royal order. Furin asks the hunter to help her investigate why the kingdom’s monsters are so aggressive and invade other regions, including Kamura. United in their mission, they set out for the distant outpost of Elgado.

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