Here are the free games for August 2022

A few days before August, Microsoft has already revealed the list of games that will be freely available to all subscribers of the Xbox Games With Gold program. This month, 4 games will be presented.

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After a fairly quiet month in July when Microsoft didn’t make any major headlinesMicrosoft has unveiled the four games coming in August, and their selection will not satisfy all Xbox Game With Gold subscribers. In fact, Two of them were already part of the previous games with the Gold Selections, in 2014 and 2020.

The two titles previously available are Saints Row 2, which launched on Xbox 360, and Monaco: What Yours is Mine, the 2013 indie stealth movie. Saints Row 2 was a July 2020 game with a gold offer, and Monaco was given away free to Gold subscribers in September 2014. So we can see that Microsoft is starting to warm up, because the company has already announced itIt will stop offering Xbox 360 games from October 2022.

Microsoft revealed the list of Xbox One games presented in August

In addition to the two Xbox 360 games, Microsoft will offer subscribers two Xbox One games, which were never part of the games offered in previous months. find first Calico, for Xbox One and Series X / Squi propose un jeu de simulation de vie dans lequel les joueurs son chargés de reconstruire le café pour chats de la ville locale, en choisissant son décor, en preparatory to nourriture and en remplissant d’un assortiments pour é récélées de crée . The game will be available as part of Games with Gold between August 1 and August 31..

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Then we will find ScourgeBringer, also on Xbox One and Series X/S.. This is the ” Fast paced roguelet platform As players, as warrior Kyhra, fight their way through a post-apocalyptic world in an effort to save humanity. This version can be downloaded from August 16 to September 15.

from their side, Saints Row 2 will be available for download August 1-15thWhile Monaco will be available from 16 to 31 August. If you are also an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, we remind you of that Many new games arrived in Julyincluding WatchDogs 2 and Inside.

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