From the Conservatory to Québec ACEIM, a benefit event to give back

From the Conservatory to Québec ACEIM, a benefit event to give back

The Saguenay Music Conservatory (CMS) will hold a benefit event called Conservatoire à Québec Issime on March 19 from 5:30pm in the Complexe Québec Issime hall.

The evening, under the honorary presidency of Jean-Pierre Bouchard, General Manager of Produits Forestiers Résolu and Hydro Saguenay of the Kénogami plant, will begin at 5:30 pm with a cocktail dinner.

The performance that will follow will feature members of Québécois Isem, the Director General of the Conservatoire des Music ets Dramatic Arts of Québec, and tenor Marc Hervieu, as well as several students and professors from the Conservatoire.

Remember that many Québécois Isim members studied music at the Conservatory and are therefore giving back by supporting this cause.

In addition, the band owned a Casavant organ which, when Christ Roy Church closed, was doomed to a sad end. The organ was saved at the last minute by Robert Doré, general director of Québec ACEIM, to be installed in the group's performance hall. In preparation for the charity event, the Conservatory is making final adjustments to the organ that will come to life during the performance on March 19.

The honorary president of this evening was keen to emphasize the importance he attaches to the place of musical training in the lives of young people.

“Supporting young people who do not all have the possibility or opportunity to learn music, and giving them the opportunity to do so in an institution like the Saguenay Conservatory, is very motivating for me,” says Jean-Pierre Bouchard. In addition, doing this in the environment of the Church of the Congregation of Québec Ésym and thus giving another life to this regional heritage increases my pride in contributing in my own way to this event. There is no more exciting combination than hearing musicians from the Saguenay Conservatory of Music perform in this exceptional heritage venue. »

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“It will also be a wonderful meeting with CMS alumni,” adds Saguenay Conservatory Director Louise Bouchard, “and is tangible evidence of the vital importance of community support for an organization like ours.”

Tickets are on sale at the CMS online ticket office or directly at the Conservatory for $100 ($75 tax receipt).

The amounts raised will be paid to the Conservatory Foundation and will be used entirely for CMS projects in order to financially support young artists during their training. This is done through support and development grants as well as the purchase of high-quality instruments that are loaned free of charge to CMS students and participants in Hors les Murs music outreach programs, and extracurricular activities offered at many elementary schools in our area.

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