Portuguese reinforcements arrived in Romania – FOB

Portuguese reinforcements arrived in Romania – FOB

About 180 Portuguese soldiers disembarked in Romania last Friday. They join the fifteen citizens of the advanced element already at the site as well as other foreign units that came to reinforce NATO’s eastern flank after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

220 Portuguese to strengthen the eastern front of NATO

The first Portuguese detachment took off from Lisbon last Friday to land a few hours later at Air Base 90 of the Romanian Air Force near Bucharest. Forty additional soldiers and fifty vehicles and equipment will arrive in the coming days.

Portuguese support relies mainly on Intervention Brigade units, which regularly conduct bilateral exercises with the Romanian partner. Among the dozens of participating units, 13And and 14And 6 . infantry regimentsAnd Cavalry Regiment and 1Verse Anti-aircraft artillery regiment. Together they form a sub-GTIA of 201 soldiers (including three sailors) joined by 20 Special Forces operators to form 1the time Combined National Force in Romania (1 FND ROU).

Russian aggression [contre l’Ukraine] Requires a clear assertion of NATO’s deterrence and defense capability On this occasion, Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa announced. ” We cannot repeat it enough: an attack on a NATO ally is an attack on all of us. (…) Portugal, once again, demonstrates its unwavering commitment to NATO, especially to its allies in this region “.

Like other countries, Portugal will hold joint exercises with the Romanian army over the next six months. ” The Portuguese detachment will be integrated into the national and allied structures, in order to increase responsiveness and interoperability, and finally to emphasize the solidarity of the allies. Romanian army looks forward to training again with Portuguese forces The Romanian Chief of Defense Staff, General Daniel Petrescu

France at the head of the “Tiger” group

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The Portuguese join other units that have been activated as part of NATO Response Force (NRF) and placed under the command Joint Forces Command (JFC) NATO Naples. Including the Franco-Belgian battalion operating since early March as part of the Eagle mission.

The rise of this battalion’s strength continues through joint exercises and training with the Romanian partner. Recently, French soldiers were trained to fight in an urban environment with 22 soldiersAnd Romanian infantry battalion. Others left for Senku, in the center of the country, to work alongside the 26And Romanian infantry battalion.

Since it is long-lived, this Franco-Belgian presence also involves a significant logistical effort. So Belgium should publish a national support component When France made the decision to open its international logistical support component Belgian Defense Minister Ludivine Didonder announced on March 30. Likewise, build a solid camp” It should start in the next few weeks According to the Senate.

These emergency-deployed units must eventually be relieved by one of four soon-to-be multinational battle groups (or combat groups) in Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. France, which plans to increase its contribution to a thousand soldiers, will retain command of the combat group. Tiger » Founded in Romania.

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