This dating app features a combination of video and artificial intelligence

This dating app features a combination of video and artificial intelligence

Are you looking for a new mobile dating app where you are trying to find love? If you have an iPhone, you can try Snack. Marketed as a new kind of app for Gen Z teens, get ready to find a mix between the news feed of social networks, video sharing like TikTok, and artificial intelligence.

There are plenty of dating apps on the web, from Tinder to Bumble to Fruitz event.

Although each has its own characteristics, the principle is more or less the same: we “scroll” between images, “match” and discuss.

The Snack app, which is only available for iOS at the time of this writing, completely changes things up. Targeting the younger generation with its video and AI features, if that speaks to you, feel free to get started.

What are the special features of the Snack app?

Without looking exactly like either app, Snack looks like a cross between Tinder and TikTok.

The classic dating app with photos is supposedly “old”. Snack instead tries to reinvent the genre.

It’s more of a video-based app, which features a news feed a bit reminiscent of Twitter or Topics.

Instead of swiping pictures, Snack takes the form of a video news feed.

Moreover, we do not cross to someone we like, we exchange likes, as in many other social networks.

Then, because first exchanges are often redundant on dating apps, Snack went with a very modern solution: artificial intelligence.

Basically, we form an avatar that we train by giving it information about us. It is important to train him well, as he roams the virtual world looking for other users to exchange with.

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If he thinks he’s met someone who might interest us, he lets us know, and it’s up to us to decide if we want to start a real conversation with that person.

Ai snacks dating app

Our avatar, which is an AI that we train by telling us who it is, helps us find matches.

Moreover, Snack is also clearly positioned against “ghosting”. Basically, if a person is not interesting to us or we don’t want to talk to them anymore, we should tell them outright instead of ignoring them.

Such is the case in Snack, if you “ghost” someone, you will be punished and become a literal ghost. Basically, we get disconnected from the wires, hardly ever meeting anyone.

In short, if you are curious, you can always try it! The app is free on the App Store, and unfortunately it is not available to Android phone owners.



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