Football – Coupe de France (first round): Göransson is in good shape

Football – Coupe de France (first round): Göransson is in good shape

Back in the game but still stunned, Chrysostom made an unnecessary mistake at the 16.50m limit. The referee points to the penalty point converted by Renaudi (1-0, min. 15). The guests’ attacking header game is flawed. In many centers of Chrysostom, attackers do not fit. After a cross from Nsango, Bonnard was able to shoot with his left foot, but his attempt turned into a corner kick (27), then Nsango, in turn, hit the crossbar (30). The Jurançonnais dominate but they face a very low defense and an excellent goalkeeper: Guillaume Bauce who is out at the feet of Lino Kubemba (36th). And so Bontak’s whites reached the end of the first half, gaining confidence.

Damn Darigol

When the match resumed, Guillaume Bosse calmed down well after a shot from the young left player Asconi (min. 48). He performed well again against Chrysostom, who is everywhere in the right lane (51′), Bontak responded with his No. 10 Malleofer, who sent a powerful cross to a wonderful header from Darigol (64′). An unfortunate handball in the area constitutes a penalty for the visitors. Bonnard starts but Guillaume Boss, man of the match, starts on the right (74th). The score remains unchanged and the rest of the match becomes more balanced.

The referee announces 8 minutes of extra time. The meeting becomes stormy and tense. After a free kick and goal line chaos, Adelio fired the ball into the net (1-1, min. 95). Darigol scores with an angry header, but his goal is ruled out due to offside by another player (96th minute). After that, a series of monstrous shots on goal gave Jurançonnais victory. The pinnacle of cruelty and injustice is Darigol, who missed the only penalty kick out of the ten that drew. For Joransson, the saga continues.

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Pardes – Saint Sever 3-1 AS Pontonex – Pau Gap 1-4 Mourinx Avenir – Saint Martin Senanx 5-2 US Armagnac – US Pau Portugal 0-4 US Saint Palais – Esperance Oreiro 2-4 Scala – Violet Aturin 0 – 1 Spanish club Pau – Austaritz 0-5 ASL Bellaire – Saint Pierre du Mont 0-1 US Marsan – Karis Salis 4-0 AS Mourinx Borg – FC3A 1-2 Castettes Jose – Isman 0-0 (6-5 kicks) AS Artex – Marisen 2-3 Enclaves Plateau – Taron Sevignac 3-1 Pontak – Goranson 1-1 (3-5 kicks) Hendaye – FC La Ripere 2-0 ES Nai Fath Vielha – Pau Blues 2-0 Etoile Bernese – Pau Bourbaki 0-3 (F) Ott-Bern – Kanboku Izara 0-2 US Latrell – FC Lunes 2-3 Ardanavi FC – Louis de Bern 0-0 (8-9 kicks)

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