Basketball, soccer, rugby, handball, volleyball and squash: the Sher teams’ weekend program


LFB (Day 16)

Bourges Basket – Villeneuve d’Ascq:

NF2 (19th day)

Burg Basket – Geispolsheim B:

Regional Level 2 Men (Day 17)

Saint-Pierre Bourget:
Vineuil B – US Verizon:

Men’s Regional Level 3 (Day 15)

CS Bourges – Notre-Dame-d’Oe:
Romorantine St. Dolchard:

Pre-nationality women (15th day)

Bourges C – Saint-Pierre-de-Cours:


National 2 (13th day delay)

Chamaleres – Verizon FC:

D2 (delay)

Massay B – Portuguese from Mehun B:
Lignières – Portuguese from Bourges B:
Loire Valley in Opua – Saint Florent:
Shalevoy – La Sabtine:

D3 (delay)

Sainte-Solange – Verdigny / Sancerre C:
Saint-Georges-sur-la-Pree – Mehun B:
Dun-sur-Auron – Saint-Amand C:

D4 (delay)

Allouis – Lury / Mereau B:
Saint-Florent B – Sainte-Solange B:
Asia from Cher B Bengy:
Bigny-Chalivoy B:
Eds Saint Roch – Marcais:


Federal 1 (19th day)

Beauvais-Bourges XV Buffet:

Federal 3 (17th day)

Massif Central – Sancerre:

Regional 1 (13th day)

SA Vierzon-Bracieux:

Regional 2 (Day 13)

Buzancais – Arcay Bourges:
Sanquin’s Cousin:
Montbazon – Berechon USA:

The Great West (Day 4 Return)

Lionesses – Evreux: canceled.


N3F (Day 16)

Saint Nazaire – Eglantine Verzon:

Pre-nationality men (the sixteenth day)

Eglantine Verizon Soleil:

Pre-nationality women (the sixteenth day)

Saint Avertine – Bourges 18:

Male Excellence (Day 16)

SMOC Saint-Jean – Eglantine Vierzon B:
San Dolchard Jane:
Blair B – Burg 18:

Men’s Honor (Day Nineteen)

Sam’Hand 18 – Burn:
Selles-sur-Cher – Bollier:
Chambray bolero:
Val Dubois – Saint-Avertin / Tours:


Men’s National Level 3 (16th day)

Tarascon VB-Bourges VB:

Territorial 1 female

Castelnau Bourges:


Women’s Level 1 (Day 3)

La Rochelle Bourget:
SC Bourges-Mulhouse:

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