With Fermat Science, a workshop to recreate the medieval stronghold of Beaumont

With Fermat Science, a workshop to recreate the medieval stronghold of Beaumont

What did Beaumont paste look like when it was created 800 years ago? Children who participate in the “PatriMaths” workshop organized by the Fermat Society for Science on April 28 will find the answer.

PatriMaths Workshop, offered by the Fermat Science Society, Thursday, April 28 from 10am to 12pm, for children 6 and up, during school holidays, with the theme ‘The Medieval City’.

800 years of history

Do we need to remind you that the foundation of the royal bastion of Beaumont, which was established at the initiative of Philip III Le Hardy and Abbot of the Grande Self, goes back more than 800 years? To explore the city, you have to move along the streets that intersect at right angles, traced by medieval surveyors, and discover the architectural principles that prevailed during its construction during a stroll through the heart of the city.
From the Cultural Center in Beaumont de Lomany, children will set out to discover the half-timbered houses. The Beaumont-de-Lomagne district is rich in these typical 16th-century houses, the city’s oldest remains. Head to the magnificent residence of the Princes of Argombats, located on the rue de l’Eleglies, then on the way to the rue de la Republique where the wonderful house of Jean de Armagnac is located. Along this journey through history, they will discover more.

laser model

Returning to the cultural center, everyone will be able to create their model of a medieval city. A copy of a laser-cut half-timbered house, a technique that Fermat Science’s facilitator Camille will show them, will be provided to them. Then, with the help of various and varied materials (sand, pebbles, cork, characters, animals, objects …), their model will come to life. They will immerse themselves in the heart of a medieval city.
Having discovered yesterday’s life as it is reflected in the architecture of the Bastide, they will be able to preserve their work and share this treasure with their families and, thanks to their model, will show their loved ones the traces that are still visible today in the history of the city.
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