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better (European Student Council of Technology) is an international non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization run entirely by students. Strives to make students technology (The word technology has two de facto meanings:) More open to foreign countries, which encourages them to move around and communication (Concerning communication with man (interpersonal communication, interpersonal communication, etc.) Multicultural. BEST uses English as its official language only.

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As of June 2009, BEST had 82 local best groups (LBGs), in 30 nation (Country comes from the Latin pagos which delineated the territorial and tribal division of range…) Europeans, more than 1,800 active members.

I’organized (the organization is) It has a job board service, aimed at technology students considering an international job, and offers a Database (In computing, a database (Abr: “BD” or …) It contains nearly 8,000 CVs of European students.

In 2007 we calculate:

  • 88 educational and recreational activities, divided into four seasons, with a strong predominance of summer sessions.
  • 15,652 requests for these events.
  • 3 educational seminars.
  • 2 general meetings.


map toEurope (Europe is a wild area that can be considered…) With the best members

The founding concept of BEST was born in May 1987 in Stockholm (Sweden) during a European conference dedicated to students in mathematics (Mathematics is the field of abstract knowledge created with…) and physical. At the end of the conference, it was decided to organize an international week twice a year. These will be held each time in a different country and will make it possible to developinteraction (An interaction is the exchange of information, influences, or energy between two agents within…) among European students.

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there the second (Second is the feminine of the second adjective, which comes immediately after the first or which…) The International Week was held in Grenoble (France in March 1988). This gathering gathered not only students of mathematics and physical (Physics (from Greek φυσις, nature) is etymologically…), but also from other areas. This meeting was followed by another international week, which took place in Eindhoven (Netherlands). However, the first meeting dedicated exclusively to BEST took place in Berlin (Germany) in April 1989. It was there that the founding principles of BEST were published: BEST will consist of a committee (board), general assembly and members. The delegates who took part in this foundation came from all over Europe: Barcelona (Barcelona (Barcelona in Catalan and Castilian) is a municipality in Catalonia – Spain, located …)Berlin Bologna (Bologna is an Italian city of about 375,000 inhabitants, located in the northeast of …)Budapest, Eindhoven, Grenoble, Helsinki, Lisbon, Ljubljana, London (London (English: London – /? l? nd? n/) is the capital as well as the largest city…)And Louvain la neuve (Leuven-la-Neuve is a new town located in the Belgian commune…)And Paris (Paris is a French city, the capital of France and the capital of the region…)Stockholm, Trondheim, Turin (Turin (Torino in Piedmontese – Turin in Italian) is a city, capital …)Vienna, Warsaw and Zurich.

During this gathering, BEST was formally established, with the founding and guiding principle of promoting exchanges and communication between European technology students. In November 1990, during the Budapest Assembly, the summer program appeared as together (In set theory, a set axiomatically defines a set…) of the courses, which last two weeks, are spread across Europe. The summer of 1991 witnessed the appearance of the first 13 summer courses (Summer courses). These were supported for the first three years of their existence by the European Union’s TEMPUS programme.

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The organization continued to expand, incorporating new members, and developing new projects. During the 14th General Assembly of BEST, it was decided that BEST, in collaboration with CESAER and SEFIto apply the setting network (A computer network is a group of equipment linked together to exchange information…) H3E theme under the supervision of the program Socrates (Socrates is the name of a group of European exchange programs in the fields of …) from the European Community. This network was officially established in September 1996. After setting itself the goal of working on the future of education in the field of educationengineering (Engineering refers to all jobs ranging from design and studies to…). H3E thus became the first thematic network in which students participate as equal partners.

During the fifteenth meeting of the BEST General Assembly, which took place in Belgium, BEST entered into a privileged partnership with the German organization bonding. So each association recognizes the activities of the other, and develops a cooperation plan. Since 2002, BEST has also cooperated with Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES).

In thehour (An hour is a unit of time. The word also means amount…) Currently (April 2008), BEST consists of 79 local best groups, which organize more than 100 events annually.

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