Comedy concert ha! By Laurent Paquin: Praise of Standing

Comedy concert ha!  By Laurent Paquin: Praise of Standing

Basically, to throw a good comedy concert, it can be very simple: a microphone, comedians with good storytelling talent and good gags. That’s it.

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Brilliantly led by veteran Laurent Paquin, her second comedian! The Quebec Festival, on Wednesday, at the Grand Théâtre, was a great show without the production feeling the need to call upon the full roster of the Artists Union as a surprise or develop big conceptual numbers with a show-stopping spectacle.

No, we witnessed a series of good old-fashioned stand-up shows, a series launched by Laurent Paquin, who brilliantly talked about intelligence by exposing the limits of our collective evolution versus the evolution of technology. “Your phone has become a smart phone. ‘Twee, you’re still feeling your shoes to see if you can wear them again.’

The master of ceremonies also hit the nail on the head when he spoke of his aversion to nostalgia. Ironically, this did not prevent him from repeating his duet “Les gentils” with Anthony Cavanagh, with whom he tried to turn the idiot of show business… Rene Simard, into kindness, and play his old musical hit, Dad’s ribbons are softBut in a revised and corrected version by the duo Doug and Jeff as well as France Damour.


Guillaume Wagner, the man on the left, admitted that his comfort conflicted with his interest in social progress. Donate to the Media Food Drive, okay. Give to a homeless person washing their car windshield, no. “The poor, I want to help them, but that requires a mediator who wears clean clothes.”

Comedy concert ha!  By Laurent Paquin: Praise of Standing

William Wagner

Photo by René Baillargeon/QMI Agency

We talked about fatherhood, too, with success. Rachel Ealy, an English-speaking comedian from Ontario who converted to French, expressed her unrestrained joy at seeing her adult children finally leave the family nest, while the duo formed by Katherine Levack and Phil Roy recounted the harassment their parents endured in their new lives.

Comedy concert ha!  By Laurent Paquin: Praise of Standing

New “butt” parents, Katherine Levack and Phil Roy.

Photo by René Baillargeon/QMI Agency

For her part, Jessica Chartrand did not get the biggest laughs at her first concert in her career, but her talk about her homosexuality and her visits to her decreased, as she had such a large age gap with her that “half of the punishments imposed by his parents” were given to him in the criminal code “, indicates an interesting future.

Applause festival

Including Laurent Paquin, five comedians received applause. Definitely the audience at ComediHa! He’s known for his generosity, but on Wednesday, they all deserved it.

It was also good to see another veteran, Sylvain Larocque, leave the stage to a standing ovation after showing great self-deprecation by making fun of his physique.

In the sequel, in quick succession, Eddie King, newcomer Tommy Nero and Billy Tiller also charmed the crowd.

The first was sorry he had to pay $150 to a psychologist for his daughter who was being bullied at school. This money, in this nostalgia for a more brutal era, would have been better invested in paying someone to beat up the bully.

After Sam Vigneault on Tuesday, Tommy Nero was the second up-and-coming comedian to make his mark since the festival began, speaking in his own words about how much he hates sharing his food. Ask him for a kidney, but not a bite of hamburger.

Finally, the invaluable Billy Teller was the highlight of the evening with his observations on couples bickering during a number where his gestures did the job as well as his funny lines.

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