In Windows 11, Microsoft replaced Photo Video Editor with Clipchamp

In Windows 11, Microsoft replaced Photo Video Editor with Clipchamp

In the past few days, Microsoft has rolled out a fresh version of its Photos app for Windows users. It offers improved image editing tools and comes with an important change. The built-in video editing tool has been replaced by Clipchamp, a web-based application.

Obviously, if you try to access the old built-in video editor, a message appears indicating that the video editor is no longer available in the Photos app. Microsoft explains `

Your previous video projects can be accessed by downloading the “Legacy” photo app. To create new videos, unleash your creativity with Clipchamp.

Currently, it is possible to download the “Photos Legacy” app from the Microsoft Store but it seems that its days as well as those of the Photos app are numbered. The goal is to convince users to move to new versions.

Photos app for Windows 11

Note that “Photos Legacy” is an older version of the Photos app designed for Windows 11. It is not the native Photos app that offers features like the “Clarity” slider and other options.

Regarding Clipchamp, it is a web application that requires the Edge WebView browser. It has many advanced editing features but produces larger videos. Everything indicates that Microsoft is encouraging the adoption of Clipchamp. So it is likely that the native Windows video editor will be discontinued in the future.

This update to the new Photos app has been rolled out to the general public. It targets all supported versions of Windows and does not require being in the Windows Insider Program.

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