Environment: Benefits of dead leaves

Environment: Benefits of dead leaves


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Environment: Benefits of dead leaves

Environment: Benefits of dead leaves – (France 2)

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In the fall, they are collected by amateur gardeners, and sometimes they are put to good use. Dead leaves are a blessing to nature. Why ? Response items.

When autumn comes, they set our forests ablaze with their colors. Yellow, red or brown leaves are doomed to fall, but they contain unexpected wealth. For Al-Amin Hamadin, when he combs his garden, getting rid of these dead leaves is out of the question. Barely picked, this amateur gardener distributes them directly onto the base of his vegetables. This covering technique is used to protect plants from the cold. For the rest of the dead leaves: head to the compost.

Forest treasure

This green waste is useful in gardens, but it is even more important in nature. In the forest or in the woods, dead leaves are an essential link in life. When they fall to the ground, they feed fungi and bacteria that break them down and allow earthworms, woodlice or other mites to work. The result: Nitrogen and phosphate in the leaves are in the soil and can be reused by tree roots.

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