6 months in prison for “killing” 1,100 chickens with a flashlight

6 months in prison for “killing” 1,100 chickens with a flashlight

A Chinese man has been sentenced to six months in prison and a year’s probation for causing the death of 1,100 chickens belonging to his neighbour, according to reports. China Daily.

On two occasions, the accused who was identified as Gu used a flashlight to terrorize poultry, and then kill each other.

The beam of light caused a panic among the birds that rushed to the corner, as they trampled each other to death trying to flee. 460 of them died during this first accident.

The police then arrested Gu and forced him to reimburse his neighbor by paying him 3,000 yuan (about 590 Canadian dollars). This punishment, however, frustrated the accused, who repeated his gesture, this time causing the death of 640 birds by scaring them away with his lamp.

Authorities estimate the death of 1,100 chickens, with a total value of 13,840 yuan (2,700 Canadian dollars).

So Joe was convicted of willfully destroying his neighbor’s property.

The dispute between the two men stemmed from the poultry farmer’s decision to cut down the trees without notifying his neighbour.

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