Pro-Palestinian camp: Many students settle at McGill

Pro-Palestinian camp: Many students settle at McGill

It appears that pro-Palestine students have been planning to set up shop on McGill University's campus for some time, as there were more than three dozen tents on Sunday.

There have also been demonstrations in American universities for several days in support of Palestine in the conflict between it and Israel. The movement began at Columbia University in New York before spreading to other institutions.

On the social media network X (formerly Twitter), McGill Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) announced the march. She also noted, in a series of messages, that the students refused to remain passive in the current context.

“What is happening across North America is a revolution! It is a revolution where young people and students are once again on the front lines.

The organization added in another message: “Students have reclaimed their campus to demand complete divestment from occupation and genocide.” The students refuse to be partners, and will stay until liberation!

SPHR called on other students to stand alongside the Palestinians.

“Join us today [dimanche] And every day in the Solidarity Camp in Gaza, SPHR participated. Let's fill the campus.”

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