PS5 Update: Firmware 22.02-06.00.02 Available, New Hidden Features Discovered

While that Sony Interactive Entertainment Throw Copy 22.02-06.00.01 system software From his PlayStation 5, he’s already rolling out a new one. Its number 22.02-06.00.02, officially, is only about dealing with stability issues.

This is what we learn from his book Change :

Version: 22.02-06.02.00

  • This system software update improves system performance.

Manually Update PS5 System Software

  1. From a PC or Mac, create a folder named “PS5” in the root of your FAT32 USB drive. In this folder, create a subfolder “UPDATE”.
  2. Download the update file And save it in the “UPDATE” folder. Save the file as “PS5UPDATE.PUP”.
  3. Connect the USB device containing the file to your PS5 console.
  4. Start the PS5 console in safe mode: Press and hold the Power key, then release it when you hear the second beep.
  5. Select Safe Mode option 3: System software update.
  6. Select Update from USB storage device > OK.

Except that by exploring their console interface, the journalists square payment I discovered new developments that were not announced by the factory. Thus, they activity cards From the game now can be shown by group, in order to more easily direct us towards a single or multiplayer activity for example. And on the side Awardsthe custom icon now gives access to all files Awards Game the first time, and leave Possibility to install specific targets Or even leave the menu displayed on the screen.

PS5 October Update Push Square What's New 1 PS5 October Update Push Square What's New 2 PS5 October Update Push Square What's New 3

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