Michigan accident: Victim asked to slow down

Michigan accident: Victim asked to slow down

This American woman died in a car accident, as she asked her friend to drive slowly before the latter lost control of the car.

Last November, in Kent County, Michigan, 19-year-old Ella Vesey was driving at 100 mph, or 160 km/h. It was Thanksgiving in the United States and the young woman was with her best friend Nevaeh Dawn, 18 years old.

While trying to jump off the hill, the driver lost control of the vehicle and ended up crashing into a tree, the Kent County Sheriff's Office said in a news release.

If Ella Facey escaped alive, despite her serious injury, Neve Dawn was less fortunate. The latter was pronounced dead at the scene.

But now the recording has appeared. In the final video, the victim is heard asking the driver to slow down because another car was coming in the opposite direction, which may have distracted her, prosecutor Christopher Baker said.

“These are kids doing stupid things. It ended in tragedy,” he added in an interview with The Sun newspaper. New York Post.

Being very close to Ella Vece, Nevaeh Down's parents requested that no lawsuit be filed against the driver whom they consider to be their daughter.

However, Mr Baker said he had to “hold her accountable one way or another”.

She was then charged with reckless driving causing death, which is a felony. However, the young woman will plead to a touching crime causing death, which is rather a misdemeanor.

Ella Vecchi is scheduled to receive her sentence next June. If you are convicted of a criminal offense, you could receive a prison sentence of one year.

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