Eastern Europe | Moscow will “have to respond” to the US’s rejection of its demands

(Moscow) Russia threatened Thursday to respond, including militarily, if the United States rejects its main security demands, stressing that it wants the withdrawal of American forces from Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic states.

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“With no willingness on the part of the United States to agree to strict legal guarantees of our security […] “Russia will be forced to respond, in particular by implementing measures of a military and technical nature,” the Russian diplomat wrote in response to US proposals for talks on European security.

Thus Moscow insists on “the withdrawal of all weapons and forces of the United States deployed in Central and Eastern Europe, Southeast Europe and the Baltic States” and is also waiting for proposals from the West with the aim of “abandoning them”. Any future expansion of NATO.

While Russia welcomes the US’s readiness for “substantive work on arms control and risk reduction measures,” this can only happen if key Russian demands are also on the table.

Russian diplomacy insisted that “the Russian proposals are a global package and should be considered as a whole without excluding some of these components.”

Finally, on Thursday, Moscow confirmed in the same document that it does not envisage any invasion of Ukraine despite the deployment of more than 100,000 Russian soldiers on the Ukrainian border, making Westerners fear an imminent military operation against Kiev.

According to Moscow, the Westerners accuse it of wanting to attack its neighbor in order to “pressure and reduce Russian proposals on security guarantees” demanded by the Kremlin.

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“No ‘Russian invasion’ of Ukraine, announced since last fall by US officials and their allies, is happening and has not been planned,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Russia submitted all of its proposals in December to the West, which rejected them. In turn, they offered discussions on topics such as disarmament. On Thursday, Moscow responded to these proposals.

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