Novellada in Boquer: The disappointment of Condesa de Sobral

Novellada in Boquer: The disappointment of Condesa de Sobral

The novelties of Portuguese breeding did not have the ingredients to allow bullfighters to shine.

The Condessa de Sobral left no ears on the sands of the Beaucaire Squares at ATB’s annual novillada. They will not leave a lasting memory. Let’s give them that credit: They all had a presentation that couldn’t be fixed even if two of them damaged their horns when descending. But five of them didn’t have the engine needed to match the three men on the track.

Jose Antonio Lavado inherited the best example at the start of the race. But the Spaniard, mainly for the bullfighter, did not have enough technique to obtain what the animal had to offer. He was also injured in his right thigh while pushing, and the medical team took care of him. His race only lasted while fighting.

So Diego Peseiro faced three rivals. The Portuguese, victorious at Seret, carries baggage. But after a first fight delivered to the most dangerous novel of the day that saw only the man behind the canvas, he inherited a second opponent on short charges. The latter did not spare his wing when he jumped over the hurdles to cause some panic on the opposite track, forcing Peseiro to shorten the vena.

Finally, Solalito proposed to the muleta the chain, on the left in particular, the most representative and interconnected of the afternoon. But like his teammates, Nim built his battles with the small charge his opponents had. He was also in big trouble with steel.

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Booker Yards, Condesa de Sobral Novels. About a thousand spectators.
Jose Antonio Lavado: Silence and injury in his first Toro.
Diego Peseiro: Silence, greetings, greetings.
Solalito: Greetings and silence.

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