Raymond Domenech leaves after Spain’s draw with Portugal

Spain does not leave Raymond Domenech indifferent. This Thursday, June 2, La Roja Portugal welcomed Cristiano Ronaldo in Seville on behalf of the first day of the League of Nations. The Spaniards opened the scoring in the 25th minutee A minute’s play via Alvaro Morata, Luis Enrique’s men late in the game joined the Lusitanians thanks to a Ricardo Horta goal. After the match, the tape “L’Équipe du Soir” analyzed the match broadcast on La Chaîne L’Équipe.

Thus, Olivier Menard, who has presented the program since 2008, asked his writers whether the draw between the two teams “makes sense” or “trompe l’oeil”. Then Raymond Domenech, the ‘chairman’ of the evening, shared his analysis:I am very practical at this level. The result is the result. That’s logical.Then the former coach of the French national team expressed his admiration for the match presented by Spain:The quality of Spaniards I like. The ball out, the way to get from side to side, the acceleration… We often criticize (Sergio) Busquets in midfield, but what he does is exceptional.

However, Raymond Domenech is still not satisfied: “But again, it’s beautiful but here, something is missing. I won’t repeat Roger Lemerre’s sentence… (Blues coach between 1998 and 2002, editor’s note)Which ?asks Olivier Ménard, facing the awkward laughter of Estelle Denis’ former companion. At the insistence of other columnists, including Dave Appadoo and Grégory Schneider, Raymond Domenech drops the quote from Roger Lemerre:He always said, “This team makes me hard, but they don’t make me sleep…”“Enough to make the group fun.”What a vulgarity!Ironically, Olivier Maynard gave a yellow card to his evening boss.I said, I didn’t want to say that!Raymond Domenech is trying to defend himself, who managed to convince the presenter of the “EDS” program:Excuse me. For the first time in the evening team, the chest removed!

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