Hexagonal, two-door ready to help Bordeaux, victory on appeal, disappearance … Echoes of football at Eure-e-Loire

The ordeal of Nogent-le-Roi, in the middle of the galler’s season in Zone 2, makes his opponents happy and especially the forwards who can have fun. On Sunday, it was Darwis Ahmed Khanfari who tapped into the Nuggetes’ defensive favour. The FCD reserve player scored six goals in his team’s 14-0 win, increasing his capital from 4 to 10 goals! However, he did not break the record of eight-fold author Liannis Mamouni when the Portuguese beat ESN, 23-0, on March 20.

From level 2 to regional level 3: Ranking scorers in Eure-et-Loir

Five, first

Corrected 5-2 at home by Lorient, experienced at C’Chartres Football, this Saturday, April 9, one of the most painful evenings since playing at National 2 (2016-2017 season). It is the first time that Chartres has conceded five goals in its field. The last time he conceded a lot of goals was on May 12, 2018 in Le Havre (5-3). So far, Chartres’ biggest disdain, on home soil, was 4-0, on February 16, 2019, against… Lorient.

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Lemonville is in mourning

Limonville’s future lost last week to Claude Zimmermann, one of his former coaches, who passed away at the age of 76. The former professional goalkeeper, who passed through Monaco and Blois, landed at Montreal in 1977 and remained there until 1983. He then managed other teams in the Center Val-de-Loire region, and also became a manager in the French League and in the American Orleans where he was a member of the association’s board of directors . A moment of contemplation was noted in his memory this weekend on Earth.

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4 points for Mainvilliers

The leader of his regional group 2, Mainvilliers secured a weekend with 4 points. He didn’t get any special bonus for his big 9-1 win over Amelie. But in addition to the three points collected on the ground, Benoit Devine’s formation recovered one on the green carpet. His penalty point penalty after an eventual fanciful slap by one of his players to a Nogent-le-Roi opponent was overturned on appeal. As a result, CSM is now 4 and 5 points ahead of Saint-Pryvé (b) and the Portuguese from Tours, two contenders but less than two games short.

Lambert will leave Blois

C’Chartres Football will not match coach Loïc Lambert in the colors of Blois Foot 41. After five years on the bench for Loir-et-Cher, the former professional has passed through Saint-Etienne, Rennes and Valence (Spain), he will leave the club at the end of the tournament, an amicable breakup that both parties desire . The technician, a BEPF holder, wishes to continue his career at a higher level, abroad or at the helm of a select group.

Celtic Festival

FC Lorient were in the party this weekend with 11 goals scored by two top teams: the festival began on Friday night, in Ligue 1, when they crushed Meerles Saint-Etienne 6-2. Twenty-four hours later, he sent his reserves down for Chartres, with five to two hours!

in the stands

Punished with a behind-closed-doors match as a precaution After the events at the end of their Regional Match 1 against Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire on March 26th, FC Druis beat Portugal’s De Bourges 4-0 to Varg. Standing on Saturday evening. Empty, not quite…Coach Gwenel Morris, who is currently on hiatus, has already taken his place in Jan Brock Bays where he feels very lonely…

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shooting star

Pro star is no longer interrupted. The last good of Division 1 in mid-February (no win over the clock), White and Red, now 12th in the standings, have since combined 5 wins and a draw. Their last victim: Valle de Loire, won 4-2 on Sunday. Club president Christoph Hakolt, like OC Châteaudun, can now hope to save himself, despite the relegation wagon (at least 5) planned for the end of the season.

Bordeaux was satisfactory to JPP

Jean-Pierre Papin is content in Chartres as he has been coaching CCF at National 2 since the summer of 2020. But the 1991 Ballon d’Or has never hidden his desire to return to the professional world and a possible departure if he gets a chance to emerge. into a microphoneEuropean 1Last week, the technician also acknowledged his interest in Bordeaux, which is currently in the midst of a crisis. “Bordeaux will be in my alley, yes. Yes I would. In addition, I am from there, and I live there, so … ”, he said.Jean-Pierre Papin, CCF coach.

Milllot played again

Seven months after his second and final appearance, Enzo Melot returned to the Bundesliga on Friday with Stuttgart. 19-year-old Lusin, who has been out of action for a long time due to a knee injury, came in at the end of the match against Dortmund. Then the result was already obtained, 2-0 in favor of Borussia.

Does not help Luisant

A week after losing 3-0 to Saint-Private (B), Lewis was hoping to re-launch in Regional 2, this weekend, in Beaugenese. But with its match postponed for the risk of flooding at the Loiret Club facilities site, LAC will have to wait. Only a short week. The meeting is supposed to take place next Saturday, which will not help the Euréliens. Coach Gregory Schuller says, “I will have at least three absentees. It’s Easter and we haven’t had a game on the show, the guys have planned things with the family…”

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Franck Thibault with Jean-Andre Provost and David Bertheleme

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