Hubert Reeves or Science to Share

Hubert Reeves or Science to Share

When a massive star dies, it explodes, creating a cosmic phenomenon called a supernova. The disappearance of Hubert Reeves left such an impression on me. I like to believe that his wisdom is now spreading here and there throughout the universe.

Astrophysicist, science promoter, author, Hubert Reeves He was an excellent communicator. His quiet strength, calm attitude and humanity were genuine, contributing to the high respect in which the audience held him. His love of nature and its secrets led him to think about the future of the planet, and therefore the future of humans. Hubert Reeves was an environmentalist before his time, and he made it his mission to share his knowledge with children and adults alike, so that we can better protect the environment. He knew how to adapt his speech to those who listened to him.

In his early days, Hubert Reeves was one of the only French-speaking astrophysicists. It is thus the origin of many scientific professions in Quebec, and thus has contributed to the importance of science in our lives today. He wrote many books, and was one of the first to publish science. His works Patience in azure, Released 1981 onwards Stardust, established themselves as staple books among his peers and the novice audience. Will follow in particular Earth diseaseDemonstrating its concern about climate change, Seat over time And Living angerRather, he focused on his ideas about life and nature. His memoirs were published in 2008 under the title I won’t have time. His last two books are collective works Earth viewed from the heart And The ocean viewed from the heart. He has also authored several children’s books, the most recent of which is available in three volumes in the series Hubert Reeves explainsalso Natural diversity, the forest And Oceans. As published in the past He explained the sea to our grandchildrenAnd in the same group, Explaining the universe to my grandchildren.

If the scientific community honors him by naming an asteroid after him, the astrophysicist has also agreed to be a sponsor of several scholarships as well as the Hubert Reeves Prize, which honors the best popular science book each year.

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Hubert Reeves died on October 13 at the age of 91. He departs, along with his family and loved ones, in grief for all those who were affected by his tremendous miraculous ability, despite his old age. Have a nice trip, Mr. Reeves. Thank you for everything.

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