Duke looks towards the future

Duke looks towards the future

Under future regions, the 32nd day will be held from April 12 to 14H Salon 50+ edition and FADOQ Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean-Ungava games.

This year, with the theme A turn towards the futureThis event will give special importance to the place of technology in the lives of older people, but also in the lives of all citizens.

“It is a way of showing how our organization has this vision of pushing itself into the future to offer a range of products and services for those over 50 that reach current members and future members,” comments Marthe Lesperance, President of the organization. Board of Directors of FADOQ Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean-Ungava.

Among the 80 exhibitors, a record number who will attend, many will offer technology products or services specifically aimed at expanding the independence of older adults. Some booths will focus, for example, on advanced technology in hearing aids, or on artificial intelligence in the ability of homes to adapt (home automation) to the needs of older people.

“There have been many technological developments that today allow people aged 50 and over to maintain good physical and mental health,” says Patrice St. Pierre, General Manager of FADOQ Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean-Ungava.

Busy programme

32H The Salon 50+ edition and FADOQ games will be the stage for many new features.

Among other things, virtual reality will be used as part of a workshop aimed at increasing understanding of elder abuse. Using a virtual reality headset, it will be possible to watch scenes of abuse so that future participants can more easily recognize instances of abuse, which are sometimes subtle. José Lacognata, Director of the Complaints Help and Support Centre, adds that the workshop will also provide means of intervention.

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The car driving simulator as well as the robots that could be tomorrow's companions will also be present during the 32ndH Fadouk Exhibition, In parallel Many scientific activities will be presented.

Games and conferences

The program also includes several conferences. This year, the headliners will be François Charron, who will address the issue of digital fraud, aeronautical engineer Farah Alipay, who will talk about her surprising trip, and Michel Dorion, who will try to introduce the public to the reality of drag queens. .

Traditional FADOQ games will return with two new specializations, Puzzle and Cornhole.

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