Quit smoking forever!

Quit smoking forever!

12 million French people smoke every day. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death. Stop Tobacco Month has just begun, and in Hello Doctor, tobacco scientist and addiction specialist Katie Deleris answers our questions about quitting smoking.

Smoking is responsible for 75 thousand deaths annually in France. When you smoke for a long time, Fears To face Tobacco There are many of them: fear of gaining weight, discomfort, losing contact with colleagues who continue to smoke during breaks, sleeping poorly or even relapsing. In particular, to allay these concerns, there are several solutions Accompanied by a tobacco specialist.

during A tobacco-free monthA professional can help you By calling 3989 To evaluate your condition and find the best strategy to quit smoking. Without forgetting that one package a day means spending more than 4000 euros per year and more 20,000 euros in 5 years That you can save! Can we quit smoking only by force of will, gradually or suddenly? What are the health benefits of quitting smoking?

Tobacco addiction specialist, Katie Deliris, helps us evaluate what can slow down smoking cessation, which methods work, nicotine replacements and all your smoking cessation questions. She also gives advice on Instagram at the account kettydls‧addicto and has just posted I’m (Really) Quitting Smoking with Éditions Marabout. In 2022, she was the Godmother of Tobacco Free Month.

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Health news today

  • Minister Delegate for Persons with Disabilities Affairs, His Eminence Al-Khattabi advertisement 300 million euros in aid for companies In order to adapt accessibility for people with limited mobility;
  • This November, you’re likely to encounter a lot of people with mustaches! Movember is for men what Pink October is for women. The opportunity to raise awareness among the French about men’s health in particular Prostate and testicular cancer. Every hour in France, a man dies of prostate cancer, or 8,000 deaths annually.

Solidarity Decree

Florence Regal is President of Médecins du Monde Which launches the first edition of its festival “Great evils” With 65 artists. This urban art event at Ground Control in Paris, from November 3 to 5, is free and open to all and is committed to denouncing biases and denouncing the ills of our society.

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