Deadly Tornado in Mississippi: A Meteorologist Loses His Cool in the Air

An American meteorologist seemed overwhelmed by the size of the deadly tornado that devastated many locations in the US state of Mississippi.

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And alerted the residents of the town of Amouri on the air of the imminent arrival of a “strong” hurricane that could endanger the population.

“We have new data that just arrived. North Amory, it’s coming. He said in a worrying voice.”

The day after the tornado, local authorities reported at least 23 deaths.

The Hurricane Hunters posted pictures of the damage caused by the hurricane.

A residential area in Rolling Fork was completely devoured by high winds, as seen in drone footage on Twitter. Many residents have lost their homes.

The city’s mayor declared on CNN that his city “no longer exists” in light of the scale of the destruction.

The state’s governor warns that the death toll is likely to rise as rescuers search for possible survivors under the rubble.

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