At 79, what does Luxembourg’s minimum wage look like?

At 79, what does Luxembourg’s minimum wage look like?

Nearly 6 out of 10 “beneficiaries” of the social minimum wage are Luxembourgians. But in proportion to different active communities, the reflection is no longer the same…

Nearly 67,000 employeesIn the Grand Duchy, they receive the Social Minimum Wage (SSM). The person who does Envious people outside From the state (3,085 euros total for the “eligible” version) But also… a few unfortunate people in Luxembourg itself. Because, just as Repeat staff room (CSL), this level of pay no longer allows the resident” To live a decent life by working 40 hours a week “.

“created” In the interest of social peace » In the wake of World War II, the social security mechanism no longer guarantees » Maintaining a decent standard of living “As the initiators wished. Hence the call from Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nora Buck a “ enhances “. We will see if the message is heard from Luke Frieden and the new government majority that has made “fighting poverty” its first priority.

But who is the man or woman who receives this minimum income? CSL has just outlined these 15% of the workforce in Luxembourg. Mostly people occupy a Full timesBut a man (But barely), they were recruited in commerceold About 34 years old, On a permanent contract It has actually been stationed in Luxembourg ever since A little less than ten years. It is already enough to break some preconceived notions about “low salaries” in the country.

The Staff Chamber also evaluated the origins of this Lumenprolariat today. Consider both place of residence and nationality. It appears for the first time that we are counting among the total “beneficiaries” of the eligible minimum wage 60% of 🇱🇺residents, a figure that drops to one-third (38%) of those receiving ineligible social support services.

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“Luxembourgish Portuguese” was overrepresented

The rest of the distribution responds, logically, to the size of the country’s different border populations: employees coming from 🇫🇷France is much more concerned By minimum wage it 🇧🇪Belgians, 🇩🇪Germans have lower rates.

Focus only on the workers Living in LuxembourgAnalysts could only point out: Overrepresentation of 🇵🇹Portuguese for unqualified SSM And the 🇫🇷French origin for qualifying SSM “The proportions in these income categories are much higher than the weight of these communities in the population.

Thus, on average, 1 in 5 employees residing in the Grand Duchy and of Portuguese origin receive it Lowest salary It is possible. This is a fact that the Chamber did not clarify or comment on. She just notices…

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