Luck Mervil demands nearly half a million dollars

Luck Mervil demands nearly half a million dollars

Fallen artist Lac Merville is facing a lawsuit for nearly half a million dollars from an investor accusing him of dragging him into a questionable fiber-optic project in Africa.

Everything indicates that he is the mastermind of this operation […]. He has used deception and lies to frustrate the plaintiff’s right to his financial assets,” as stated in a recent civil suit filed by Victor Stanley Management Inc, which Merville is contesting.

According to the court document, the whole case began in the summer of 2020, when Merville approached the company to invest in a business in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It involved a US$1.2 million investment in a French company, which was planning to deploy a fiber optic network in this central African country.

” [Mervil] The civil lawsuit alleged that the company was valued at $12 million by an independent French company and that there would be potential repercussions of $1 billion.

Following these assurances, Victor Stanley Management inc. He was said to have made an initial payment of $320,000 USD. However, all of these beautiful words would have turned into wind, according to the court document.

It is after the checks, it appears that the French company did not get government contracts, contrary to what is being said.

Weak terms

Even worse, the equipment for this project consisted of “two used antennas in poor condition and equipment located in a post office,” Victor Stanley Management Inc. discovered. While traveling in Africa.

“Furthermore, every time the plaintiff demanded accountability for the use of funds, he was entitled to a series of questionable excuses and/or documents,” the lawsuit said.

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Convinced by Victor Stanley Management that it was cheated. So he filed a lawsuit, claiming nearly half a million dollars in damages from Mervil, as well as from his Gestion Lucknerson Inc.

In this case, an application to seize the former singer’s home was filed at Laval Court, but the judge has since overruled it.

He denies “categorically”.

Merville, who has been out of the spotlight since his sexual exploitation conviction in 2018, for his part, has defended himself from wrongdoing.

“I categorically deny that I acted fraudulently in this case,” he said in a statement sworn in.

Meanwhile, Merville, 54, insisted that “there was no fraud in 2011 regarding Village Village,” a foundation dedicated to building model villages in Haiti sparked by controversy over the money that disappeared and no longer exists.

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