A test of the slim ring, an exceptional anniversary of an exceptional phone, the end of social renting

A test of the slim ring, an exceptional anniversary of an exceptional phone, the end of social renting

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Things to remember in the news

Millions of French social security numbers were hacked. After this massive leak of personal data, the state of Paris opened an investigation. If you are concerned, the authorities allow you to file a complaint using an online form. We will explain how to do this.

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The best-selling phone in history has celebrated its 20th anniversary. It was released in 2003, and has sold more than 250 million copies. And it's probably a phone you still have in the drawer!

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The only connected ring made entirely in France, the O-ring, is complemented by a lighter and more discreet “thin” version. We wore it for a month to check how well it fit and fit.

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A complete success for “social leasing” dedicated to electric cars…and the end of the journey for this year already. The program that allows you to drive an electric car for 100 euros a month will close its doors for 2024, after registering more than 50,000 applications.

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Today's video

Although there is no doubt that Apple is working on a foldable device, there are still a lot of unknowns regarding such a device. Will it be iPhone or iPad? When will it be released? Maeva takes stock.

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