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a few weeks agoEpic Games released the first big update forUnreal Engine 5. This 5.1 version added a lot of cool stuff like support for transparency (via an opacity mask) for Nanite (the technology that allows you to display billions of polygons) and a lot of improvements for Lumen, UE5’s lighting technology. Remember that with the latter option everything is calculated in real time (lights, shadows, reflections, etc.) Ray tracing. The calculations are performed by the “classic” GPU cores (Ray tracing software) but can be moved to custom modules (X-ray tracing devices).

But above all, these two technologies are highly optimized to support 60 FPS on PS5 and Xbox Cherries. If I tell you all this, it’s because of everything I just landed On the PC, PS5, and Xbox Cherries versions of Fortnite. Even if the cartoon aspect doesn’t necessarily pay homage to techno, the result is completely insane and gives the game a natural look. It is very greedy but using Superior temporal accuracy (Internal FSR at Epic Games) We get frame rate Quite acceptable without compromising much on image quality. Incidentally, this makes Fornite the first UE 5 game to be released, with The Matrix Awakens being a tech demo. Promises for the future!

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