YouTube introduces generative AI and a new app

YouTube introduces generative AI and a new app


YouTube introduces generative AI and a new app

Google has announced new tools for content creators, such as the Dream Screen feature to create artificial intelligence backgrounds for short short videos.


Neil Mohan, Director of YouTube, demonstrated the new features during the Made on YouTube event.

Kevin Mazur/YouTube

During the “Made on YouTube” event held on Thursday in New York, Neil Mohan, director of the popular video platform at Google, announced new artificial intelligence products for content creators, starting with Dream Screen. This experimental feature is intended for Shorts (YouTube short video format competitor to Tik Tok And the’Instagram reels) will allow leveraging generative AI to add AI-generated images or videos in the background. All you have to do is make a keyword query and the text will turn into images, like what other advertising services offer.Generative AI like DALL-EOr mid-flight or stable deployment. YouTube says the generative AI feature will be available later this year.

YouTube create app

The Google subsidiary also unveiled a new mobile app. It’s called YouTube Create, and it’s supposed to allow content creators to simplify the process of editing their short-form or long-form videos. It offers a set of tools for automatic translation, voiceover, filters, effects, transitions, and royalty-free music with beat sync technology, the company explains. This free app is currently available in beta on Android, in a few countries (US, Germany, France, UK, Indonesia, India, Korea, and Singapore), before expanding to other regions and Apple’s iOS in 2024.

Finally, the platform also introduced Loud, an AI-based dubbing tool. Less impressive than The service from the startup HeyGen, which is able to change the language of the video by retaining the voice of the person being filmed and lip-syncingYouTube’s tool allows you to dub videos in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. This feature is currently only available to a select group of users.

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