In the smoke of New York, the ads for Diablo IV are getting very real

In the smoke of New York, the ads for Diablo IV are getting very real

Populated by monsters and bleak landscapes, Blizzard’s video game spread its canvases all over New York City before the city was engulfed in the smoke of the fires ravaging Canada.

When reality catches up with fantasy. In New York, shrouded in smoke from the fires that have ravaged the Canadian forests since June 6, advertisements for the game Diablo IV Released the day before take another turn. Coincidence did not escape netizens.

Once again, the remake of Blizzard’s cult series gives pride of place to demons and infernal landscapes. An atmosphere summed up by its slogan written on signs posted in the city: “Welcome to Hell, New York.” But on the day of the game’s release, the city finds itself shrouded in a thick orange haze, making the east coast of the United States look apocalyptic.

A coincidence noted by many netizens, who were ironic by presenting this troubling situation as an element of Blizzard’s communication. “The perfect ad does not exist…”, he jokes Tweet.

He played the vice president of communications at Blizzard. “I would like to make it clear that Blizzard has no affiliation or partnership with wildfires in Canada. In fact, we are strongly opposed to wildfires and wildfires and condemn them in the strongest possible terms,” the official wrote. on Twitter.

The situation is not expected to improve in the coming days as fires continue in the Canadian regions of Quebec and Nova Scotia. In Washington, levels of fine particulate matter were found to be sixteen times higher than thresholds set by the World Health Organization.

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