YouTube will add the function of searching for music by buzz

YouTube will add the function of searching for music by buzz

Hespress UKFriday, August 25, 2023 – 01:09

Google is currently testing a new feature to search for a song on YouTube by simply humming or recording the song.

Having been the most popular music sharing platform in the world for several years, YouTube has lost its glory due to its lack of technological advancements, particularly those related to recognizing music by a clip like Shazam or by hum.

And YouTube said in a statement: “If you participate in the experiment, you can access the new song search function, and hum or record the song you are looking for for more than 3 seconds until the song is recognized.”

In the testing phase, this functionality is only available to a very limited number of users at the moment.

And in 2020, Google launched a similar functionality in its search engine and Google Assistant. However, although both tools are based on the same technology, the YouTube version works faster than the Google version, which takes 10-15 seconds to detect the song.

In 2002, Apple launched Shazam, an app that required recording real music in the background to find its title and performer.

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