What happens when you accept a cookie

What happens when you accept a cookie

Accepting all cookies without thinking about them is less harmful than it seems.

Access a site, watch a popup appear out of nowhere, click Accept All Cookies without giving it a second thought. If this scene triggers memories for you, nothing surprising. Otherwise, congratulations are in order.

What is a cookie?

Skip the eternal joke of the cake. These cookies are small files that can be installed on any medium connected to the digital world (smartphone, computer, tablet, etc.). To use the definition Data Protection Authority : “Cookies may be used to collect or store information about how you behave on the Internet (site) and/or on your device. “Reading” these cookies allows websites you set to retrieve information stored there..

As required by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), each website is required to offer the installation of cookies for the consent of Internet users and to clarify their purpose. Only a few exceptions. At the top of the list are the cookies that hold your shopping cart or those that ensure the security of a banking app.

According to the website of General Data Protection RegulationThere are three criteria for classifying cookies: intended purpose, origin and ‘life expectancy’. Each criterion itself includes several subcategories. Thus, the cookie can be internal to the site (origin), used to ensure its proper functioning (purpose) and disappear when the browser is closed (duration). However, this also means that the cookie can belong to a third party (the origin), monitor a user’s online activity to communicate their habits to advertisers (the purpose), and remain active until you decide – even do chores (duration).

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To be aware…

Therefore, cookies are intrinsically linked to websites. For better, and for worse, to provide us with a ‘personalized experience’. However, this ability to adapt to the visitor depends on a whole set of data. Number of visits, duration of sessions, things required … but also browsing history, geographical location and more personal data. Of course, cookies are not the absolute evil and can be useful in our search for a specific product. The truth is, simply put, it is never easy to accept that your data is being collected.

A simple way to reduce the risk is to refuse all cookies offered. Many sites also simplified the task of Internet users and offered the ability to refuse everything with one click. On the other hand, others have taken the opposite option and forced their audience to reject cookies one by one. Finally, the last party of the irreducible prefers to put its users in front of a dilemma: accept cookies to access the site, or sign up for a subscription so you can refuse them.

… and take back control

However, don’t panic if you tend to accept the terms without thinking twice. As a reminder, cookies are stored on your computer (or smartphone, etc.). In other words, it can be disposed of at any time. Most browsers detail what to do when prompted.

to me Eventually, the invasive cookies may be gone. Internet users are becoming more attentive to their personal data, and some changes have already been made. Apple, for example, required iOS app developers to seek user consent to monitor their online activities. according to kokipotGoogle also wants to go further and remove third-party cookies from its Chrome browser by 2024. Finally, there’s another possibility: choosing a more secure browser. Brave, for example, intends to leave the choice to its users Block or not block all notifications Consent to cookies. The choice is yours now…

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